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ASAP Applications

Introduction to Wave Optics Analysis in ASAP

Dr. Gary Peterson, Senior Optical Engineer, provides and introduction to wave optics analysis in ASAP Optical Software. Demonstrations include Gaussian-beam decomposition, polarization ray tracing, and other wave-optics phenomena.

Introduction to Stray Light Analysis in ASAP

System modeling for stray light analysis in ASAP, identification of stray light paths and characteristics, and stray light elimination techniques. Watch an overview.

Introduction to Reflector Design in ASAP

Parabolic reflector and extended source modeled in CAD program, imported into ASAP via IGES file format, and analysis performed using the ASAP Builder interface.

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Introduction to Illumination Engineering in ASAP

Three-part ASAP demonstration including automotive lighting design, streetlight design, and an overview of downhill-simplex optimization routine coded in VB Script. Includes virtual-prototype examples of automotive and street-lighting systems designed for BRO Engineering Services clients. Examples shown have been cleared for public viewing.

Introduction to Imaging System Design Using the Path eXplorer in ASAP

Imaging system designed in ZEMAX® and SolidWorks®, imported into ASAP® via lens entity translator, and analysis using the ASAP Script interface and Path eXplorer. Watch an overview.

Introduction to Segmented Reflector Design with ReflectorCAD and the ASAP ELTM

An example of end-to-end design, analysis, and testing of a segmented reflector using ReflectorCAD and the ASAP ELTM. Demonstration covers the ReflectorCAD interface, features, and workflow, including how to define reflector grids, sources, segments, and how to achieve the desired luminous output from a reflector.

Introduction to the Human Eye Simulations in ASAP

Introduction to human eye simulations in ASAP using the BIO Toolkit. Demonstrations of the Advanced Human Eye Model (AHEM) for use with ASAP.

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Introduction to Optical System Optimization in ASAP

Dr. Mary Turner demonstrates examples of three new optimization methods included in ASAP: a Brent's Method routine for single-variable problems, as well as Downhill Simplex and Simulated Annealing Methods for multi-variable problems.    

Introduction to CIE/Chromaticity Analysis in ASAP

Display systems modeled in ASAP using pre-defined system components, custom geometry created with the Array Wizard, and CIE/chromaticity analyses. Watch an overview.

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Introduction to Polarization Modeling in ASAP

Examples of polarization modeling in ASAP including the Realistic Polarizer Model, Maltese cross visualization, Stokes values, Jones values, and Poincare sphere visualization tool   

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