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4D technology

Optics Testing

Traditionally, quality control measurements of optics are completed in tightly controlled metrology labs, with vibration isolation and extensive air flow and temperature controls.

4D Technology dynamic laser interferometers enable precision measurement right on the factory floor, without vibration isolation. 4D Twyman-Green and Fizeau interferometers allow fast, easy setup and measurement of flat and spherical optics, prisms, corner cubes and optical systems. Use the unique NanoCam Sq to measure of surface roughness on both small and large optics.

Production-oriented features and industry-leading 4Sight analysis software make it easy to test part after part, even in the presence of significant vibration and air turbulence.

Optics Testing

Astronomy Applications

4D dynamic laser interferometers play critical roles in the manufacture and testing of ground-based telescopes and space-based optical systems.

The world's premier large optics manufacturers rely on 4D systems to measure the figure and form of monolithic telescope mirrors, multi-segment mirrors and active optics.

Satellite manufacturers and integrators use 4D laser interferometers to test telescope optics and systems in cryo-vacuum environments, to align optical systems and multi-segment mirrors, and to measure the shape, and shape change, of precision structures.

Behind the scenes of every major telescope project, 4D laser interferometers ensure that hardware performs to the increasingly rigorous specifications required in leading-edge astronomy.


Aerospace Applications

Aerospace and defense contractors rely on 4D dynamic laser interferometers for accurate measurement of optics, optical systems and structures.

4D's vibration-insensitive laser interferometers play a critical role in space-based telescope programs. These systems make environmental chamber testing (at cryo-vacuum temperatures and pressures) possible, helping ensure excellent performance of satellite optics upon deployment.

At visible, near-infrared and infrared wavelengths, a 4D dynamic laser interferometer ensures reliable performance of optics for critical roles in surveillance, tracking and directed energy.


Flexible Electronics

Measuring surface roughness and quantifying the size and position of defects are critical to the successful manufacturing of flexible electronics. For commercial roll to roll (R2R) manufacturing, rapid process feedback and high areal coverage mandate that these crucial metrology operations must take place in-situ, on web platforms moving at high speeds, despite a high-vibration environment and motion of the web in relation to the measurement instruments.

The bright field inspection methods used to date can image large areas of the web, but have insufficient lateral resolution to measure fine defects. Since these are 2D techniques, they cannot quantify surface roughness even if the resolution were increased. These systems are also sensitive to reflections from the backside of the film and even the roller surface, making defect quantification and localization problematic. Off-line, three-dimensional inspection tools such as stylus systems, confocal, and interference microscopes have also been employed, but these systems are slow, sensitive to vibration, and cannot provide real time feedback as the measurement takes place after a section of film is taken from the roll and measured off-line. 



4D Technology’s FlexCam can measure roughness and quantify defects on webs up to 1 m wide with 2 μm lateral resolution, enabling real-time monitoring and control of roughness to less than 0.5 nm rms. The system provides accurate measurement without vibration isolation, despite runout and web flutter. Unlike machine-vision based systems, FlexCam is immune to reflections from the back surface and rollers effects, measuring only the texture of the top surface.



FlexCam also identifies and quantifies defects, registering their position within the roll. Defect statistics including area, volume, depth and slope are calculated, with user-selectable pass/fail criteria as each metric can have adverse effects on barrier or end device performance. Extrinsic versus intrinsic defects can be discriminated to help isolate their root cause.



Every FlexCam module provides thousands of times more areal coverage than off-line bright-field or 3D microscopes. Each FlexCam module can provide 100% inspection in the machine direction for web speeds up to 1 m/minute, and lesser sampling at higher speeds. In addition, FlexCam modules, each with over 4 mm field of view, can be arrayed across a web, offering as little or as much sampling in the transverse direction as required.

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4D Articles and Papers

4D engineers and scientists are transforming how and where interferometers are used in research and manufacturing. Below is a selection of white papers, published articles and application notes from our 4D team.

Articles and Application Notes



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Spatial Frequency Response and Resolution Limitations of Pixelated Mask Spatial Carrier Based Phase Shifting Interferometry, 2010 View PDF

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Overcoming the fringe jitters, 2003 View PDF

Figure testing of 300 mm Zerodur mirrors at Cryogenic temperatures - J.W. Baer and W.P. Lotz, 2002 View PDF

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Advances in Interferometric Metrology, 2002 View PDF

Papers and Articles
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