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Since 1961, Gamma Scientific Inc. has offered the world’s most comprehensive selection of instrumentation for optical radiation measurement. Dedicated to accuracy, versatility, and ease of operation, Gamma Scientific is a technology pioneer, setting pace with such innovations as computer-controlled light measurement systems, radiometers without controls and tri-color photomultiplier/detector assemblies.

From the beginning, modularity has been the cornerstone of the Gamma Scientific product line. This way, instruments can be purchased for one specific application and then expanded as future needs require. Manual systems can even be transformed into computer-controlled systems with the addition of a few components. This modularity allows the user to select the optimum geometric configuration to suit a specific task without compromising accuracy.

Gamma Scientific also uses its extensive light measurement expertise to manufacture custom light measurement equipment for unique customer applications such as production control, government testing and avionics. In addition, Gamma Scientific offers optical radiation calibration and measurements services to match NIST supported calibration standards?further strengthening Gamma’s preeminent position in producing and maintaining the most accurate light measurement equipment available today

About Breault Research Organization, Inc. (BRO)

BRO is an optical engineering firm of global reach and reputation. BRO's optical software products and training courses help engineers turn creative visions into working prototypes, and the company's own engineers work on beyond-state-of-the-art projects for Fortune 500 companies, research institutions, and top government labs. In over three decades of innovation, BRO has contributed to the success of engineering projects for thousands of clients.

BRO has been recognized by the director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for technology export achievements, received Wells Fargo Copper Cactus Awards for Best Place to Work and Community Service, was named Arizona's 2010 Small Business Innovator of the Year, and has been commended by United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano for excellence in technology development.

BRO is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company steadfastly committed to quality, innovation, and the success of its clients.



Taking Light Further



Breault Research Organization, Inc. (BRO) is "Taking Light Further" by meeting our customers' most demanding requirements in the traditional optics community and markets in which optics is an enabling, enhancing, and emerging science. We do so as a premier provider of concurrent optical engineering software, training products, and turn-key hardware solutions developed and supported by our world-class staff.

At BRO, we are not just selling software or services. We build relationships and partnerships with our customers, and actively gather their feedback to guide our product development. In doing so, we enable our customers to solve their problems within the framework of the premier products and services we provide. Our goal is to make our customers successful, and through that we will be successful ourselves.

About Us

SW Tech Equipment, Inc. was founded in 2006 to fill a need in the micro-electronics industry. Our machines are used in a wide variety of applications including: automotive, medical devices, computers, personal electronics, telecommunications, defense and aerospace. SW Tech Equipment, Inc. has delivered thousands of welders to the global marketplace. Our customers include aerospace companies, universities and world class Tier 1 contract manufacturers servicing customers such as Apple, General Electric, Siemens, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson, just to name a few!

We have a very strong R&D team made up of top notch engineers and university professors always working to further our core technology; Resistance (Ohmic) Spot Welding. Our machines are the original One StepEnameled Wire Welders. Not content to rest on our laurels, we continually strive to further improve the welding quality and reliability. In our quest for innovation and quality, SW Tech Equipment, Inc. has developed various technologies to fine tune our power supply performance, enhance electrode design (material selection and tool profile), and create greater resolution of control over the three key welding parameters: pulse width, pulse amplitude and welding force. These parameters are user set and then automatically refined through a dedicated on-board processor. This patented algorithm brings the full weight of our R&D team to your side when developing process. In addition to enameled wire welding, the Parallel Gap Welders can also be used to weld metal wires and metal ribbon to a wide variety of surfaces. We have achieved superior bonding performance over other bonding methods with Gold Wireand Gold Ribbon applications. Everything from gold plated printed circuit board traces to thin and thick film materials. Based on the resistance spot welding principle, our machines provide the most reliable, consistent, and cost effective welding joints for a wide variety of electronic and mechanical applications.

SW Tech Equipment, Inc. also offers the most comprehensive selection of parallel gap welding electrodes in the industry. A wide variety of standard sizes are carried in stock and custom tips are available.

In addition, we can meet all of your accessory needs at a cost and quality level that will surprise engineers and accountants alike. We carry stereo microscopes, digital microscopes/image recorders with matched monitors, trinocular microscopes, and high power adjustable LED microscope ring lights.

About Us

4D Technology designs and manufactures laser interferometers, surface roughness profilers and interferometry accessories, for accurate measurement of optics, optical systems and precision machined surfaces. Our metrology products utilize state-of-the-art technology that can be deployed in production environments, even in the presence of severe vibration and turbulence.


4D interferometers and optical profilometers are used daily in critical applications in astronomy, aerospace, optical testing and many other industries. 4D's history of innovation has changed how and where interferometric measurement can be used, from unique space-based projects to high throughput production of precision components.

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