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ASAP NG 2020 V2 출시

January 26, 2020; Tucson, AZ - Breault Research Organization, Inc. (BRO) is pleased to announce the latest software release: ASAP NextGen 2020 V2.

The release includes several enhancements and bug fixes to the COATING TABLE to ensure optimal performance and results.


  • COATING TABLE now works when multiple processors are enabled

  • A bug that caused ASAP to crash when rays intersected a COATING TABLE surface at normal incidence is fixed

  • A bug that caused ASAP to crash on COATING TABLE surfaces with no media entered on the INTERFACE command is fixed

  • On objects with two different media entered on the INTERFACE command, COATING TABLE now uses reciprocity to relate the transmittance for rays going from the low index side to the high index side to rays going in the opposite direction (high index to low index). Values entered in the coating table are assumed to apply to rays going from low index to high index

  • COATING TABLE now performs error checking of the user's table of coating values and issues a message if an error is found

To learn more about ASAP V2, see the Release Notes.


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